How to Reach (and Exceed) Your Running Goals


When you run, you get to build and develop muscle strength and endurance, improve your cardio health and overall athleticism as well. Not only that, running is a great way to de-stress and keep your mind off the stressors plaguing your days. Now—if only you could muster enough strength to power through this one. See the thing is, the runner’s high is an elusive running side effect. Some people might lead you to believe that running is a fun and easy activity—but it’s actually far from that. There are toenails falling off and windburns among other things. So how do I manage to force myself to tie my shoelaces on and ride the wild wind every single day? That’s because I have learned to create a routine that makes my runs more tolerable. Read about them below.

Invest in the right sports glasses
If your eyesight is anything but 20-20, you’ll know what I mean when I say that running with prescription glasses can be such a chore. Not only do you have to regularly keep it from slipping down your nose plus there’s that cumbersome fogging too. So the solution to this: a) get contacts but they be pretty uncomfortable b) get prescription running glasses, goggles. Personally, I’d go for the second option—but it’s your run, so it’s your call.

Wear the right clothes and accessories 
Who wants running shorts frequently hiking up their thighs and running belts that bounce up and about whenever you move? That’s right—not you. So learn to steer clear from running gears that make you feel uncomfortable.

Pace it right
When you find yourself gasping for breath a couple of minutes into your run—you probably paced it too fast and too sudden. Thing is, most of us are tempted to just burst through it at the start and end of our runs—but that will only be counterproductive and may cause injuries.